JKL Group Incubates LENA — Web3 Liquidity Protocol

JKL Group
3 min readOct 18, 2022

Did you know that JKL Capital runs a Venture Fund?

JKL’s VC arm is focused on supporting early-stage projects to power Web3 disruptive digital era. Our input goes beyond financial investments. We take on advisory role and handpick those with highest potential for our Incubation Program — and we are excited to introduce one of these projects to you today.

LENA — the newest Web3 liquidity provider

LENA protocol facilitates decentralized and permissionless borrowing & lending of all NFT collections, while also offering crypto liquidity pools for staking rewards, borrowing, lending, and more. We chose to incubate LENA in-house since we firmly believe that unlocking liquidity sealed in NFTs (think bluechips, lands, GameFi, SoFi, Art, and more!) will be a great catalyst for the next upcycle in the crypto space!

Here are Some of the Project’s Highlights

  1. LENA is backed by two veterans in digital asset investment, JKL Group (https://www.jkl.group) and Satori Research (https://satoriresearch.io). Thanks to our network in the APAC region and expertise in OTC, Asset Management and Venture Capital, together we can bring the highest value to this project.
  2. LENA’s advisors are seasoned experts in the crypto industry, amongst which you’ll find:

Hamzah Khan, Head of DeFi at Polygon;

Tim Frost, CEO and founder of YIELD App;

Andy Ann, CEO and co-founder of YAS Digital, and LABS Group.

3. The platform is close to completion, with public Beta testing available as of next week! As VC investors we understand how important it is to have the product delivered, rather than selling an idea in the future.

Upcoming Events

If you are wondering how you can find out more about LENA, our team will be hosting the first AMA session on Link3 next week: https://link3.to/e/peitkR

Feel free to join and be one of the first project supporters to test out LENA’s Beta version!


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