JKL Capital Reaches US $300 million AUM Offering Directional and Arbitrage Quantitative Investment Strategies

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JKL Capital is pleased to announce their recent $300 million Assets Under Management. JKL Capital — the financial arm of JKL Group — runs two quantitative asset management strategies, both of which offer low correlations with the underlying crypto market.

JKL’s proprietary trading systems first went live in September 2018. Back then, Chinese miners from Guangzhou and Sichuan provinces constituted the majority of the firm’s AUM. However, since the end of 2020, JKL Capital has witnessed growing institutional interest in cryptocurrency markets, with many investors opting for uncorrelated return strategies.

“Growing AUM is a testament to the asset manager’s high standards, sustainability of JKL’s quantitative trading strategies over time and rigorous risk management processes to achieve market neutrality — especially amid ongoing turbulence in the crypto markets”, says JKL Group Chairman Jingyuan Ye. Their focus on volatility trading strategies makes the asset manager agnostic to recent market movements.

JKL Capital’s flagship directional investment strategy leverages the firm’s proprietary trading system utilizing over 200 trend-following and mean reversion models. The strategy seeks to maximize risk-adjusted returns with a target volatility of under 20% (vs SPX 18%).

Jingyuan Ye also addressed the future outlooks: “As a group, we have a broad diversification across business lines: OTC, Asset Management, Lending and Mining. All of the core business lines generate strong cash flows, allowing us to reinvest into future expansion of our business despite the crypto winter”.

In the spirit of taking the market share while the market is turbulent, JKL Group has recently announced the launch of a 35MW mining hosting facility in Texas. The first site will host over 10,000 machines or 35MW and is scheduled to go live in July 2022. Targeting a total investment over USD 60 million, the company plans to rapidly build out to 85MW of capacity by the end of 2022 and scale to over 250MW in 2023.

“I would like to specifically highlight our expansion into crypto infrastructure development: right now is a perfect moment for us to build out our operations. Launching the facility in July will enhance our financial position and help us to expand further”, summed up JKL Group Chairman.

JKL Group was founded in 2017 by a team of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in traditional finance and expertise in global financial markets, asset management and quantitative investment strategies. The group’s competitive edge is its end-to-end digital asset expertise, covering quantitative investment solutions, lending, OTC services and Bitcoin mining.

Visit the JKL Group website to find out more about their strategies and new mining projects in Texas today.

Contact: Investor Relations Team

Email: ir@jkl.capital

Read Full Press Release HERE



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